Bridge Builders Night Out

Thursday February 27th, 2020

You Helped Leap Year Raise Over $30,000!

Thank You!!

BIG THANK YOU to everyone who donated and came out to our first funderaiser, Bridge Builders Night Out! It was a fabulous evening. Please enjoy the pictures below. We look forward to seeing you next year!

Bridge Builders Night Out Chairs

Heather and Jon Hallett


Event Sponsors

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Brittany Boals
Kathy & Alan Bremer
Cameron & Dan Carter
Jason and Ariel Esteves
Angel and Aaron Goldman
Cindy & Tom Pietkiewicz
Bryn Savage
Jim and Jackie Jenkins-Scott
Jenny Streeter


Rohit Agarwal
Allana Brookes
Devany Brown
John & Ida Centner
Ann Cramer
Jenison & Sarah Dominguez
Mark & Amber Eley
Kim & Josh Gnatt
Nancy Gallagher
David Hardwick
Tari Owi
Liz Parr
La Novia and Ernest Neal
Matt Reynolds
Meghan Shakar
Cameron & Greg Stoeckel IMG_2971 IMG_3001 IMG_2975 IMG_2947 IMG_3052 IMG_2962 IMG_3059 IMG_3088 IMG_3030 IMG_2940 IMG_3067 IMG_3090 IMG_3056 IMG_3091 IMG_2986 IMG_2980 IMG_3095